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This website is the hub of Mark Hogan's online activities. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Cambridge, he specialises in mobile devices and networking and has been following the smartphone wave since around 2000. He is always seeking to grow his range of experience, and is interested in designing and coding innovative products. A number of the links below to related items provide methods of getting in contact with him.

Available on g400.co.uk:
2011 onwards: Cantabits

Elsewhere on the Internet:
2011 onwards: About.me
2010 onwards: LinkedIn
2010 onwards: Twitter (public)
2009 onwards: Twitter (protected)
2007 onwards: Facebook

Archive (items may be taken offline and removed from this list at any time):
2012 - 2013: ideaSpace
2008 - 2011: University of Cambridge
2005 - 2007 (NSIS), 2009 (Java): Source code for some early projects.

The picture on the right is © Mark Hogan 2016 and most of the graphics used in the layout on this website (e.g. the blue to white/transparent fade at the top of this page) and other bits of the internet that he maintains are also © Mark Hogan 2016.
In case you're wondering, G400 is the UCAS code for computer science.
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