Science and myth…

I’ve built up a number of interesting links and videos over the last few months that relate to some extent to science, myth or both. A range of these are briefly described and embedded or linked to in this post – I hope you enjoy!

The video below shows a pretty cool use of advanced 3D modelling and projection technology.

Tomorrow morning, NASA’s Curiosity Rover will attempt to land on Mars. This involves a range of technical challenges which must work correctly, during this first real test, for the rover to make it to the surface in a working state – the video below gives an exciting overview of the difficulties involved.

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Website of the month, August 2012…

The website of the month for August 2012 is Skip Town With Sun Valley. Though its main function has closed since I found it, it’s still a cool and quirky project. Skippy the Robot was designed to do one thing: skip stones across water. The website allowed you to adjust various parameters before letting it unleash a real stone into a real lake, and videos of attempts were saved!