Listen to Huntingdonshire…

Huntingdon Community Radio is a useful radio station to listen to when using the soon to be upgraded section of the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon (though the signal is a bit weak beyond Bar Hill). As well as playing one of the best ranges of music that I’ve heard on radio, it provides detailed information on the roads and rails around Huntingdon. However, until recently, I was puzzled by a daily occurrence on the radio station that was never announced nor acknowledged.

At 6:58 every morning, as the overnight playlist comes to an end, one particular piece of music is played without fail. It sounds pretty cool to me and, after months of wondering what it was, I asked: it’s “Listen To Essex”, which seems to be by David Arnold (no, not this David Arnold). Originally the Essex Radio theme music in the early 1980s, it seems to be living on in Huntingdonshire. Have a listen to it yourself and see what you think. There’s a recording of decent quality here, or a lower quality version embedded below.

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