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This website is the hub of Mark Hogan's online activities. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Cambridge, he is now a passionate and dedicated software engineer with experience in designing and leading the development of high-performance code for various forms of communication, mobile applications with native-code components, web services and more. Always seeking to grow, he is interested in designing innovative products and leading skilled teams. A number of the links below to related items provide methods of getting in contact with him.

Available on g400.co.uk:
2011 onwards: Cantabits

Elsewhere on the Internet:
2010 onwards: LinkedIn
2010 onwards: Twitter (public)
2009 onwards: Twitter (private)
2007 onwards: Facebook

2012 - 2013: ideaSpace
2008 - 2011: University of Cambridge
2005 - 2007 (NSIS), 2009 (Java): Source code for some early projects.

The picture on the right is © Mark Hogan 2022 and most of the graphics used in the layout on this website (e.g. the blue to white/transparent fade at the top of this page) and other bits of the internet that he maintains are also © Mark Hogan 2022.
In case you're wondering, G400 is the UCAS code for computer science.
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