Connecting Cambridge…

While Cambridge is a wonderful place to live in in many ways (plenty of interesting and skilled jobs, wonderful countryside is never far, a disproportionate amount to see and do), it is not without its fair share of problems. One of the most distressing things, other than the cost of renting and/or buying somewhere to live1, is that getting around the city is more difficult than any other I’ve lived in. Below, briefly, I shall discuss the problems with existing transportation modes before discussing potential solutions, concluding with my support for one solution above the others.
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  1. Current residents are busy making this worse, though one can’t blame them – they’ve spent a lot to live in a nice, small city. []

Website of the month, October 2011…

The website of the month for October 2011 is SilentUK. First, I should point out that I don’t support the fact that trespass is necessary to get the content the website features and the content probably makes security more difficult for the locations involved. However, the content is fascinating and is worth viewing and, as reflected in this post, “what’s done is done”. The website features photos and stories from urban exploration and (contrary to the name) this exploration is not limited to urban environments in the UK.

The Mail Rail of London is one of the highlights of the collection, and I find the exploration of Aldwych London Underground Station particularly interesting as I visited the ticket office area within the last few years to see a display on upgrades to the London Underground network.

On a related note, below are two very interesting short documentaries on projects in London that weren’t finished – they are very well done, being both entertaining and expanding on what you might see and learn while procrastinating on Wikipedia.

Unfinished London, Episode 1

About the part of the abandoned Northern Heights project beyond Mill Hill East and Edgware.

Unfinished London, Episode 2

About the London Ringways project.