Bridget Riley at Kettle’s Yard…

For those familiar with Kettle’s Yard, if you normally enjoy the art there I would recommend checking out the current exhibition by Bridget Riley before it ends at the end of 2011. It’s classic Kettle’s Yard art – confusing to some and interesting to others. Importantly, considering this, admission is free. On a related note, Riley recently created a print as part of the cultural Olympiad that is accompanying the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Lorne Balfe…

If you’re a fan of Hans Zimmer, here’s a tip for another composer to look out for: Lorne Balfe. I was recently looking through Zimmer’s discography and noticed Balfe cropping up as co-composer or co-producer in a number of recent scores, notably recently Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. His brief biography details further work with Zimmer stretching back into the previous decade including producing the original Sherlock Holmes, Inception and The Dark Knight and providing additional music for Pirates II, Pirates III, The Simpsons Movie, Angels & Demons and Frost/Nixon.

Personally, I like all of the soundtracks listed above – I have omitted a few from the full lists (notably, I have not heard some that I have omitted), but I find that there’s an interesting correlation between the recent soundtracks by Zimmer that I particularly enjoy and those that Lorne Balfe has been involved with. I shall definitely keep an eye out for music by Zimmer and Balfe going forward.

I leave you with two tracks from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which I enjoy.

The Red Book

The End?

Website of the month, December 2011…

The website of the month for December 2011 is Once Upon, a recreation of important contemporary websites (Google+, YouTube and Facebook at the moment) with the technology and spirit of late 1997. Back then, browsers, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and, indeed, people’s computers and Internet connections were far more limited than they are today.

Another website of note is Procatinator, which might have been website of the month if I had any time to “procatinate”!

Finally, below are two videos – one an amusing short animation by Aardman Animations, the other a short documentary by Dr Stephen Leonard of the University of Cambridge.


Living with the Inugguit