Two Steps From Hell…

As Two Steps From Hell, a ‘production music’ company I’ve been following for a while, comes close to releasing Two Steps From Heaven I thought I’d do a post about them. I first became aware of them after looking for the music from the Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer, which is actually Tristan from the album Invincible:

You will undoubtedly have heard much of their music before in a wide variety of trailers for films such as Harry Potter (5, 7 and 8) and Pirates of the Caribbean (3) as well as video games and TV shows. I personally quite like their music, and find it both a shame and a gift that the themes featured are not developed more – I’d like to have a go with a few if I have time. Like the artwork associated with Two Steps from Hell, the music produced by the company definitely has a particular style to it, despite its varied mood and ensembles. Consequently I’d ideally share many examples, but below are just a few which you can follow to YouTube to find more.


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HTC One X Review…

HTC One X front view

The HTC One X

Like the HTC Touch, the HTC Touch Diamond, the HTC HD2 and the HTC Sensation before it, the HTC One X is a generational leap beyond its predecessors. It features a “4-PLUS-1” architecture commonly marketed more simply as quad-core and a 4.7-inch 720p HD Super LCD 2 display wrapped by a single piece of polycarbonate into which the necessary small holes for sound from speakers have been drilled. But are the camera and music really as amazing and authentic as claimed? Does Tegra 3 deliver both the speed and power efficiency promised? And does everything come together in real-life situations to make the near £500 cost worth paying? Over the extended Easter weekend I put my One X through its paces, so read on to find out…

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Website of the month, April 2012…

The website of the month for April 2012 is Google, for unveiling today a range of revolutionary new features, that build on their existing wide range of services in innovative ways…
Actually, it’s only Google’s April Fools’ Day efforts that I am making website(s) of the month:

Gmail Tap

Chrome Multitask Mode

The YouTube Collection

In other (but related) news, here is a nice short video about Colossus, the world’s first electronic programmable computer, made by Google:

Here is an interesting table that gives an idea of where Colossus sits in terms of capabilities amongst the world’s earliest computers, including EDSAC (the world’s first “complete and fully operational regular electronic digital stored program computer” which was made at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab or, as it was known then, Mathematical Lab). On a related note, did you know that the Leper Chapel on Newmarket Road is the oldest complete surviving building in Cambridge?

This month some creative uses of technology caught my eye. Microsoft recently released a tool to create cliplets. Don’t know what they are? Neither did I before watching the video, but I think they look cool and will be giving the tool a try.

Another interesting item is Miselu’s Neiru keyboard – an interesting musical Android device that could potentially be handy for scoring on the go. Finally, at the University of Cambridge a Lego Mindstorms kit is being used in an interesting way:

While on the subject of interesting science, there’s a fascinating video showing ocean surface currents here, a cool Moho boundary map here and a fantastic image of the Milky Way here.

Finally, below is a good short film written and directed by Graham Linehan, creator of Father Ted and The IT Crowd. Called Hello Friend, it features the arrival of an increasingly uncooperative and sinister Internet-related device into someone’s life. Personally, I find the instruction manual quite amusing.

Coming up on this blog later this month (hopefully) will be a review of the HTC One X that I’ve been asked to do, as I’m finally upgrading to the One X from the amazing, but now ageing (approx. 2.5 year old), HTC HD2.