Website of the month, July 2012…

The website of the month for July 2012 is Subterranea Britannica – a website dedicated to detailing and investigating man-made and man-used underground places, mainly in the UK but also nearby countries. If you find it interesting, I look through the archives of this blog to find similar websites – SilentUK, Unfinished London and walkcam2012 are recent examples, and London Underground History is a notable less recent example.

Other interesting links this month include WikiStats (a handy way of seeing where activity is on Wikipedia), and a few old xkcd comics: inappropriate fourier transforms, awkwardness and motives. The following music is nice too – particularly the suite for The Hobbit, which sounds both good and realistic:

Strength Of A Thousand Men – Two Steps from Hell

The Hobbit (2012): Main Theme from the Trailer (Suite)