Pianoforte Fortnight…

If you’ve been out and about in Cambridge today, you may have noticed the arrival of some unusually decorated pianos in a variety of locations throughout the city. They are, as they say, there for you to play for the next two weeks.

Sited in well-used areas, any music will draw a good audience. The pianos themselves are in a reasonable condition considering their current locations, though the more ambitious spontaneous performers may want to search for one with a decent stool.

For more information on why they’re there and where they came from, check out this article on the University of Cambridge’s website and/or camstreetpianos.co.uk.

A Piano on Parker's Piece, Cambridge

Tempted to have a go?

Website of the month, October 2012…

The website of the month for October 2012 is Local Myths and Legends, a website dedicated to documenting local myths and legends and providing this information in an easily-accessible and visually pleasing way. Of interest to residents of, and visitors to, Cambridge will be the Fen Tiger – a panther-like creature that supposedly stalks the Cambridgeshire countryside. Unfortunately, the website appears to be in a dormant state – the Ireland section, for example, seems to be empty and the website’s Twitter account hasn’t seen any tweets since late 2009. While it seems to ultimately be a demonstration of the abilities of the website’s creator(s) rather than someone’s ongoing hobby, it would be nice if it kept going – not all of the world’s information is best refined on and presented via Wikipedia.