Cambridge Automated Metro (CAM): the reaction…

Last month’s Cambridge Automated Metro post got quite a reaction. Beyond the tens of comments on this blog, it made pages 11 and 2 of Cambridge News, was reported on by ITV News Anglia and got me an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire2. The proposal has certainly inspired some debate and thoughts, which was good to see. Below are my reactions to the coverage and your feedback.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has added their thoughts to the debate as, encouragingly, the vast majority of responses have been constructive. I had anticipated a more NIMBYish response sprinkled with some vague engineering concerns – this is the response that proposals for tunnels under Cambridge have been countered with in the past.
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  1. If anyone is a subscriber to the E-Edition of Cambridge News, you may have enough information for me to link to a better image of the front page. Please contact me if you can help! []
  2. If you know of a legal way of sharing that radio show with others now that it’s no longer on iPlayer, please do let me know. There’s a shred of evidence here, from around the time I was interviewed, indicating my presence on the show. []

Website of the month, August 2013…

To celebrate the summer, the website of the month for August 2013 is TIKI Brand – a cool website that sells trendy-looking outdoor torches, lamps and candles to help you create “paradise in your backyard”.

I’d also like to highlight The Centre for Computing History, which has been previously mentioned on this blog. Apparently the necessary funding for a move to Cambridge was acquired and it opened near Cambridge Retail Park and The Beehive Centre on Saturday (the 27th of July).

The Centre for Computing History

The Centre for Computing History

The centre contains an interesting range of computers, some of which you will not have seen for many years and others you may not have seen in person at all! There are also many games consoles and most of the machines seem to be in good working order and powered on for you to have fun with or re-acquaint yourself with. A number of displays give plenty of information, from a brief history of Acorn, Amstrad and Sinclair to amusing famous quotes about computers from their early days. Tickets are half price until later in the year while they get all of the displays fully up and running, but there was already plenty there to do on Saturday.