Website of the month, August 2014…

The website of the month for August 2014 is The Window & Door Repair Shop. Normally when purchasing items online I stick to established channels (e.g. Amazon, eBay) or sellers (e.g. Domino’s, Argos, Marks & Spencer). However, I recently needed to purchase a replacement part for a locking system that wasn’t sold by any household names. Despite looking questionable (notice the domain name change as you try to buy something) The Window & Door Repair Shop provides plenty of information on what it sells, allowing me to select the correct part based mostly on pictures and measurements.

It is on this happy note that I am ending the website of the month feature on this blog. Initially intended to highlight cool and useful websites that it would be easy to miss, there are now websites dedicated to (and far better at) this purpose. It’s also increasingly becoming a restrictive format for me – I have something like 30 links built up for future posts which would be better dealt with in a shorter format (e.g. a tweet) than with a full blog post. Indeed, sharing any non-original content on this blog contributes to the problem of information overload – a problem that I am trying to reduce in my life and appreciate that others may be trying to reduce too.

The (best) website of the month feature has been running since late 2005, and there was also briefly a ‘worst website of the month’ feature. It seems a shame to end the longest-running thing I’ve been doing on the Internet other than this blog (which, essentially, is just an organised way of uploading random stuff), but the spirit of the website of the month shall continue through links I will continue to share on this blog more sporadically and in various formats.

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