Interrupting programmers…

I don’t often post much directly about computer science for a number of reasons – such posts tend to be particularly involved and are scientific in nature.1 It’s also good practice to avoid anything related to confidential knowledge I possess. I have repeatedly attempted to write a post about LocaMsg (and, indeed, related subsequent projects such as Chirp) but such posts seem endless with my considerable knowledge of the area, and I suspend work on them2.

Finally I have something to share of interest to people who write software or work with those who do. Programmer Interrupted is a brief and academic meta Computer Science blog post about how programmers work, how they anticipate and recover from interruptions and types of memory that become heavily burdened during programming (as well as aids for memory recovery after an interruption). I find the post particularly interesting though, as implied by the “Future” section, there’s a good deal more research that should be done in the area. I was amused to find that I’ve developed (or, more likely, inadvertently picked up) the memory-aid techniques detailed. I can’t help but wonder if it makes economic sense for the larger programmer-heavy organisations to invest in their own private research to increase the productivity of their staff.

  1. Unlike my music posts, for example, where I stick to opinions and relating pieces of music rather than dissecting them more scientifically. []
  2. However, hopefully you’ll have noticed that I did recently seize the opportunity provided by interesting new features in the HTC One to briefly talk about LocaMsg. []