Website of the month, November 2011…

The website of the month for Novemberr 2011 is this, the former location of some interesting and well done mock covers of Tintin books. The artist appears to have crossed Tintin with something I am not familiar with – the situations seem considerably more sci-fi than Herg√© would ever have written. Unfortunately, since I discovered them about a month ago, the originals no longer seem to be available (I can’t find any official word on the issue but I suspect that the recent Tintin film has something to do with it). This article has some of the images, though not all – in particular I remember one where Captain Haddock looks rather alarmed as he is surrounded by something like pink rope made of light.

In other news, I have a few more links to share – the website of the month post always presents a good opportunity to share interesting things that I don’t want to dedicate an entire blog post to.

An entertaining story of Android so far involving Google and a series of lovers including HTC, Motorola and Samsung, can be found here.

This is a link I have been meaning to share for quite a while – it features good arrangements of music from Doctor Who, supplying both videos containing the arrangements and the score (so you can play them yourself).