There are a disproportionately large number of Android apps specific to Cambridge1 – if you live, work in, study in or studied in Cambridge, you may find some of the apps below, which I hereby recommend, useful. This is by no means a finite list – from time to time I may highlight more, so follow on Twitter, use the RSS feed or visit regularly.

Before I leave you to read about the apps, I’d like to point out this enlightening Cambridge-related website, tracking house prices in the city. Currently, it demonstrates the crippling situation for people who don’t already own property and/or who lack large sums of money – the prices and trends in Cambridge make property prices in the rest of the UK (in which it is still very difficult to buy property) look almost pleasant. I wish they’d sort out the supply problem both locally and nationally.

Finally, don’t forget The Boat Race next weekend!

Live Cambridge Poster

Some apps can be found by simply keeping your eyes open

Live Cambridge, formerly WoNoW Cambridge (What’s On Now Cambridge)
WebsiteGoogle Play
This is a fantastic little app that brings together much of the information you need when in Cambridge from the time of the next bus or train to the what’s on at the cinemas and theatres. It also contains information that is less easily available on mobile devices such as places to eat and drink and local cultural events. For tourists it has information on all of the tourist attractions and local hotels. Recently added features include a special offers section that features offers available at local establishments and a section for walkcam2012.

Cambridge Beer Festival
WebsiteGoogle Play
The Cambridge Beer Festival, coming up this year from the 20th to the 25th of May, is the UK’s second largest regional beer festival. The Cambridge Beer Festival app is a good tie-in, aiding exploration of the beers available in a meaningful and social way and providing a much more searchable and convenient list of the beers than the booklet given to attendees. I’d recommend the event to those who haven’t been (indeed, I’ve only had the time to attend since graduating) – it’s a good chance to sit and relax with friends on Jesus Green in the early summer and enjoy some of the surrounding environment and culture.

Cambridge Alumni
WebsiteGoogle Play
A far more recent addition to the Android platform (a legacy from the era when apps were written with mainly in mind), the Cambridge Alumni app presents information such as news, research and events from the Cambridge Alumni website in a form that’s much easier to digest on a mobile device than the website itself. However, with the recent mobile-friendly redesign of the main University of Cambridge website, for how long will the Cambridge Alumni Android app remain relevant?

  1. The title is cheesy, isn’t it? A fusion of Cantab/Cantabits, apps and tap (as in the verb). I also wanted to get Camdroid (Cambridge + Android) in somewhere. Now I have, I suppose. []