Summer of Zimmer…

After a relatively quiet 2012 in terms of composing, scoring sequels The Dark Knight Rises and Madagascar 3, Hans Zimmer is back in a big way this summer, with three films that look good and sound better!

First up is Man of Steel, which Hans himself found dauntingJohn Williams’ Superman theme is one of his most iconic pieces of music. Despite procrastinating for three months, I think Hans has done a good job while also doing it in his unique style. Check out the trailer below (or here on SoundCloud) for a taste of the music.

Next to hit the big screen is The Lone Ranger, which Hans replaced Jack White on due to scheduling conflicts. This film looks particularly entertaining1 but is the one I know the least about the music for. However, Pirates of the Caribbean is possibly my favourite film series and The Lone Ranger reunites the key creative figures behind Pirates: producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski, actor Johnny Depp, writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and, of course, composer Hans Zimmer.

Finally, Rush, a film based on an intense historic rivalry in F12, is coming out in September. You can download a little preview of the soundtrack here and/or watch the trailer below.

Before I leave you, below is a recording I recently found of what appears to be perhaps one of the practice sessions Hans did before the final recording of the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. It is a near-complete recording of the music heard in the film, though there are a few subtle differences (e.g. minutely modified parts, different volume levelling) and one of my favourite parts is missing. However, I think the part highlighted below (about a minute, from 1:47:06) qualifies as my favourite music extract (of any variety) thus far.

  1. The ‘bird on head’ look is groovy. []
  2. I have quite enjoyed more modern rivalries. []