Website of the month, October 2013…

The website of the month for October 2013 is A view from the cycle path. The website seems to be primarily about cycling as a means of transportation but also has some posts specific to the problem of cycling in Cambridge. It explores issues such as the exaggeration of cycling levels in Cambridge as well as the fact that many cycle due to various restrictions and issues with other forms of transport in the city rather than because they would otherwise freely choose to. I feel that the local councils could do with reminding of these and other facts as they proceed to waste large sums of money on “pro-cycling” schemes that are of little benefit to anyone. As I highlighted during media coverage of Cambridge Automated Metro, I’m that a large chunk of the new large “city deal” transport budget will be spent on previously unheard of amounts of red paint for cycle lanes on roads that are too small in a city with no alternative transport conduits.

This month I am also highlighting the Finn McDonald YouTube channel on which one can find (a decreasing number of) long YouTube videos containing the music produced in soundtrack recording sessions, including my favourite music. A number of films with good soundtracks are covered by the channel.

In other news I remain quite busy but I have recently finished off and scheduled a few posts that I started many months ago.