Cambridge Computing at 75, revisited…

If you were interested in my previous posts about the 75th anniversary of the University of Cambridge’s Computer Lab (and celebratory publications, lectures and other events), you might be interested to know that much of this content is now available online.

The Computer Lab and University Computing Service

Currently, the Computer Lab occupies the West Cambridge Site’s William Gates Building (right) and the University Computing Service recently relocated to the Roger Needham Building (left).

Cambridge Computing: The First 75 Years, which details the role of the University of Cambridge’s Computer Lab in the history of computers and computer science, is available online here. Personally, I find things like the logs from the first runs of EDSAC, fascinating. Amusingly, through an alphabetical coincidence, my name in the book has ended up directly below Tony Hoare12 – the creator of the quicksort algorithm and Hoare logic, amongst other things.3 A little below my name is current head of the lab, Andy Hopper.

Below is a promotional video that gives an overview of the celebrations. More content is available on this page.

  1. Well, I assume it’s him. There are other people in the world with that name. From what I can gather, it is him though. []
  2. He gave a lecture as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations, which you can watch here. []
  3. A lot of those other things are in the field of concurrency. Computer Scientists will most likely be familiar with the dining philosophers problem – Hoare’s friendlier version of an exercise by Edsger Dijkstra. []