Pathetic Motorways…

Remaining with the recently mentioned subject of the soon to start A14 upgrade between Cambridge and Huntingdon (technically Milton to Ellington), I recently stumbled across an entry about the A14(M) on an interesting website called Pathetic Motorways.

Pathetic Motorways aims to research, document and photograph a range of odd motorways, from those that were never (or only partially) built and those that have been renumbered to those that have been lost (through downgrade or abandonment) and those that are very short (i.e. “pathetic”). It certainly helps to explain some of the strange features of the motorways around today. London’s Ringways project, a significant feature on Pathetic Motorways, has been covered here before.

The A14(M) has an interesting history, explained fully on Pathetic Motorways. However, it also has an interesting future. A brief glance through the detailed A14 upgrade maps (I pity anyone who has to read through the vast quantity of accompanying documentation) suggests that the small and secretive A14(M) will remain after the impending upgrade, possibly becoming the A1307(M), leading primarily to Huntingdon. Depending on the scale of the ongoing development at Alconbury Weald, its terminus may eventually become the outskirts of Huntingdon.