10 years of Cantabits…

Apparently 10 years have passed1 since the switch from the self-written2 “Mark’s Blog” to the WordPress-powered “Cantabits”. 10 years is a long time for something to continue with little change on the Internet, so this is both a happy moment (10 years is an achievement) and a sad moment (the end may be on the horizon).

What does the future hold for Cantabits? I am not sure. Initially a place to experiment, learn and showcase in the “Mark’s Blog” era and a creative outlet in the “Cantabits” era, a blog seems less useful as my interests evolve. The current trend will probably continue in some form for now: increasing quietness with posts once every few years on topics of interest to me (e.g. building new homes, soundtracks and transport). However, maintenance overhead may eventually make quiet freezing or deletion of Cantabits an attractive option.

Will I continue to maintain a public presence on the Internet regardless of the future of Cantabits? Most likely, yes. A static webpage linking to some of the services on which you can find me is relatively unburdensome and useful.

To those who have occasionally visited over the last 10 (or more!) years: thank you for your time. I hope you’ve found the content here interesting and wish you all the best for the future.

  1. The 5 year mark passed almost unnoticed! []
  2. Initially Blosxom-based, but the comment system I wrote for it in PHP eventually grew to replace Blosxom. []

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