Website of the month, March 2012…

The website of the month for March 2012 is which hosts, amongst other things, a few sample applications (and source code) that are both useful to use and useful as example code for interfacing with various APIs. Personally, I’ve found this P2P video and voice chat system to be a quick and useful solution to having a video chat with someone on the same network such that the Internet is avoided.

In other news, here is an interesting article about a monument created in Ireland at an impressive speed by a local developer and others in protest against the Irish government. This article examines the growing economic gaps between cities in the UK, choosing Cambridge as its example of a city doing well. 🙂

It also looks like I may have finally found my HD3 – the HTC One X. One of the main reasons I prefer the One X to the One S (previously known as the HTC Ville) is that, like the HD2, it doesn’t have much of a bezel around the screen. The finishes used on the One S sound amazing though both devices are slightly worryingly large. It has been a long while since HTC has gone all-out like this, though I do find the non-replaceable battery and fixed amount of memory a little annoying – as nice as the free included 25GB of Dropbox storage sounds, typical data allowances (in the British Isles, at least) are only a fraction of this, rendering it unusable when Wi-Fi is unavailable. Some of the other phones announced at Mobile World Congress such as the LG Optimus 4X HD and Huawei Ascend D Quad are also tempting, but I suspect that the One X will prove to be a more complete package in full reviews (I hope to revert to doing little fiddling my main personal phone, keeping my HD2 as my development device and perhaps updating it separately someday). Anyway, below is a video of the One X – the first truly exciting and reasonably-priced phone for a long while.

Finally, below are two videos worth watching – the first a cool time-lapse starscape called “Temporal Distortion” (similar to the last video in my previous post, if you liked that), and the second a nice short animation called “No Robots”.

Temporal Distortion

No Robots

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