Two Steps From Hell…

As Two Steps From Hell, a ‘production music’ company I’ve been following for a while, comes close to releasing Two Steps From Heaven I thought I’d do a post about them. I first became aware of them after looking for the music from the Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer, which is actually Tristan from the album Invincible:

You will undoubtedly have heard much of their music before in a wide variety of trailers for films such as Harry Potter (5, 7 and 8) and Pirates of the Caribbean (3) as well as video games and TV shows. I personally quite like their music, and find it both a shame and a gift that the themes featured are not developed more – I’d like to have a go with a few if I have time. Like the artwork associated with Two Steps from Hell, the music produced by the company definitely has a particular style to it, despite its varied mood and ensembles. Consequently I’d ideally share many examples, but below are just a few which you can follow to YouTube to find more.


Heart of Courage

To Glory