Websites of the month, July, August and September 2011…

For various reasons, including reincarnating my blog, I’ve avoided posting about the website of the month for a while. Well, the wait is over: below are three websites for three months. Hopefully these posts should only be dependent on me actually finding good websites going forward as it’s easier than ever for me to post on this blog. For example, the previous post came from Twitter (in fact, I only tweeted it as a test :P).

July 2011
I’ve been running an AOSP ROM on my HD2 for some time now. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t actually support Windows Media Audio (a good format, BTW, in my opinion), and I eventually got round to converting my Windows Media Audio files to something more universally playable using some nice-looking, free and generally well-made software. Consequently, the website of the month for July is the website where this software can be found.

August 2011 is the website of the month for August 2011 for being simple, useful and easy-to-use. It also looks like it isn’t making any attempts to make money from advertising, which is both a nice gesture and probably legally wiser than attempting to do so.

September 2011
Sticking with the simplicity theme, here’s another simple and useful website. Mwahahahahahaha!