The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra…

Another recent musical discovery of mine is Blake Robinson and his Synthetic Orchestra. While doing a magnificent job of demonstrating what can be achieved without the cost and hassle of recording an orchestral performance, the arrangements, orchestrations and compositions Blake produces are enjoyable. His speed is particularly impressive, with a considerable discography dating back only to 2010. The best part though, is that Blake gives a lot of details about the sample libraries he uses and how he achieves particular sounds, allowing us all to benefit from his knowledge (while likely benefiting him, considering the fact that he’s a sample library developer by day). Below, you can find a variety of his work, including both original items and items based on and/or inspired by existing music. You’ll notice that he has a bias towards music from games.

Adventures in your sleep

Portal – Still Alive at the Orchestra

Crash Bandicoot – Title Orchestra

Orchestral Blips

Welcome to the Kingdom

Wizards and Wubwubs

Manic Miner 3D