Les Misérables…

How could I be going through composers and musicians in the run-up to Christmas without mentioning the upcoming Les Misérables film? Currently due for release on the 13th of January in the UK, it looks to me like it will be fantastic and do the corresponding musical justice.

It is the first such musical film to record the vocals live, on set (i.e. as the actors and actresses are acting), with piano accompaniment being provided via ear pieces – the orchestra was recorded in post production. Previously, films of this nature involved the recording of the vocals months in advance of filming in a recording studio, with the actors and actresses later syncing to their recordings while acting. The idea behind this change is to allow greater and more appropriate expression of emotion in the singing itself. Certainly, in the extracts released so far, it looks like use of this technique has paid off.

The recently released trailer below demonstrates many of the main characters and their themes – I hope you enjoy it. 🙂